Hike and Fly Solo & Tandem - Vol Bivy

High above the valley you'll put on harness, helmet and gloves, your pilot gives a comprehensive briefing and after some double safety checks you'll simply walk then run...and you're airborne. Relax back in the comfortable harness, it's smooth, quiet... pure flying! . 

This Flight it will be One of the most exiting Experience in your life !!

Vol-biv paragliding is basically a combination of XC flying and backpacking/camping. The term vol-biv is french for 'flight camping', and it's pretty much just that simple. You fly with all of your bivouac (camping) gear stowed away in your harness while flying XC, and try to fly as far as you can during the day's flight. Then if possible towards then end of the day you try and top land for the night on a high peak, or continue down in the valley to cover more distance by hiking. Either way, you make your way to a peak top by the next morning, and the whole process starts over. With today's lightweight high performance gear and top level pilots who are willing to push the extremes, this sport is currently catching on and evolving rapidly. The sport is quite new and only just now are many of the big vol-biv routes being pioneered. A big vol-biv route is usually between 50 to 150 km's long and all the distance has to be covered by flying or hiking

FLIGHT AND TRIP DURATION: You'll be airborne for 4 hrs or  1 or 2 Day depending on conditions and your choice of distance and descent method.

PHOTOS: Your pilot can take unique photos in-flight using a remote controlled camera on an extending boom, this is FREE optional extra recorded on a SD card you get to keep.

SITE DETAILS:  Your Favourite Place in IT/EU/NZ Depends on weather conditions !  We are based in Poggio Bustone (Rieti) and Wanaka NZ

WHEN TO FLY: Early Bird 

FOOTWEAR: Wear sturdy footwear, hiking boots are perfect if you have them but running shoes are fine, slip on shoes or sandals are not a good option.

CLOTHING :Some layers of comfortable outdoor clothing a fleece and windproof are ideal , we supply the rest including lightweight gloves in summer and thicker fleece gloves in winter. 

EYEWEAR: Bring sunglasses if it is a sunny day, prescription glasses or contact lens are fine to wear on your flight.

CAMPING GEAR: We Supply Tent, Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Mat but you need to bring your personal things and Whorm Cloths.

FOOD: Bring With you just Dry Food and Energy Tablet, Dry Fruit. 

WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS Maximum passenger weight is 100 kg. Please enquire when booking if you are close to our limits. Minimum is 35 kg and only available in light conditions so please enquire when booking if under 45kg. You are weighed before flying.OTHER Before flying please check your pockets for keys, wallets or small change that could drop and injure some one below.

Operated By Expert XC Pilots of:

CloudHunters.club - Ozone New Zealand -  Wanaka Paragliding

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