How much it costs to fly a paraglider with us? 

Flying Paragliding Tandem is a very simple thing. The ability to do this with us allows you to know better what your goals and limits are. You can choose to do a simple set-up Flight or adventure weekend as you've never done before. The only real difficulty is not to fly but to find your time ! 

PG Tandem Explorer

1 hr Tandem Flight Experience

€ 169 / 249 Nzd

€ 179 / 270 Nzd

Daily Hike & Fly PG Tandem

Full Day Outdoor Tandem Flight Experience

€ 199 / 299 Nzd

€ 299 / 499 Nzd


Cloud Hunters Adventures Holiday 

Your next Holiday PARAGLIDING Adventure in the World 

World Wide

PG2 Rating Only